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Baby Carrier Waist Stool

Baby Carrier Waist Stool

Baby Carrier Waist Stool

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Save your back. Carry your baby. Stash your stuff.

You and your baby will be the center of attention with this saddle baby carrier!! 


This baby carrier is the solution you have been waiting for!! No more shifting your child from hip to hip to get comfortable. No more needing a partner to help put on a sling. 

Now is the time to toss all of those overcomplicated slings and introduce the Baby Carrier Waist Stool Simply wrap the carrier around your waist, buckle in, and you are done. Carry your baby with no more stress on your back or inconvenience. 

Its a handy breastfeeding assistant for infants. And this sling can carry toddlers up to 44 pounds!


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