Knee Brace Support

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1. Carbon steel spring: 3 spring (carbon steel), outer diameter 15mm
2. Hand screw: no tools simple disassembly and assembly-free combination, no longer need to worry about complex steps will not operate.
3. Mesh ventilation: double-sided composite OK Cloth, breathable.
4. Universal bandage: The top of the bandage is made of nylon clasp, which is easy to wear.
5. Anti-skid fabrics: more firmly and precisely. Applicable scope: climbing, climbing, sports fitness, work handling, etc.
6. Stabilize the basal bones of both upper and lower sides to relieve the pressure on the knee.
7. Upgrading knee performance to cushion knee impact in running and jumping.
8. Enhance the activity energy to alleviate knee fatigue wear.
8. Strengthen your legs and knees by 40 kg when squatting up.


Material:Diving cloth,PC,spring
Gross weight:0.82 kg
Net weight:0.56 kg

Use precautions:
1. With the booster, knee folding will have a certain angle (about 45 degrees) to start the elastic effect. The principle is that the knee joint is not very flexible when the elasticity starts at 0 degrees.
2. A knee protector is equipped with three springs. When the knee is bent about 45 degrees, the rebound assistant starts to assist climbing, carrying heavy objects and seriously damaged knees. It is suggested that three springs be used for walking, climbing, running, and cycling. It is suggested that 1-2 springs be adjusted.


Package included:
1pcs/1 pair of Joint Support Knee Pads

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