Food Scale
Food Scale
Food Scale
Food Scale
Food Scale

Food Scale

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  • Designed for you:  This Food Scale is Fantastic for helping with Portion Control and Losing Weight to help you develop good eating habits. This Food Scale is also perfect for your kids to learn about Weights & Measurements & how to Follow Instructions. 

  • You Can Do: You can use this digital scale to weigh flour, get accurate measurements, and to help with baking; you can also use to weigh water, weighing snacks, weighing food and fresh vegetables, which is designed specifically for you. 

  • User Friendly: A precise TARE function can reset the current weight on the scales to zero, quick unit conversion, High clear LCD display; Ultra Slim, Made for easy storage and lightweight portability. Perfect for home cooking and food portioning.

    Food Scale Specifications


    • Color: Green
    • Item Size:170 x 130 x 30mm
    • Display Mode:LCD
    • LCD Size: 40 x 17mm
    • Scale Division:1g
    • Measuring Range:2-5000g
    • Unit: g/ lb/ oz to change.
    • Power: DC 3V 2 x AAA batteries (Not include)
    • Working Temperature: 0-40 degree

    Food Scale Functions 



    • Auto Clear
    • Auto-Off
    • Overload Tip
    • Low voltage tip
    • Unit conversion: convert "g - oz - lb" with the "UNIT" button. (1000g=35oz=2.2lb)
    • Peeling: Place the container on the scale, shortly press the "Power / T" until the weight displays zero then put in the item and you can get the net weight of the item.

    Please Note:


    • Please do not stack other items on the scale surface.
    • Avoid violent collision and impact when you use this product.
    • Please do not use in the place where has water damage.
    • It will indicate "O-Ld" which means overload when weighing is greater than the measuring range about 105%, and please reduce the item or it will cause the non-recoverable damage.
    • Please remove the battery for long term storage to avoid battery leakage and damage the product .
    • It will affect the accuracy of weighing if tilt the table-board too far. 

    Package Includes:

    1 x Kitchen Scale

    (AAA batteries Not included)



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