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Epilator Laser hair removal

$89.99 USD $240.99 USD
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  • For USA Delivery: 4 - 9 Days Shipping via USPS 
  • For International Delivery: 14 -25 days
  • Suitable for women or men
  • wavelength 475-1200mm*mm
  • Hair removal area 4J/cm
  • Quartz laser head
  • high-quality design, it is not cheap plastic
  • product size135*55m
  • 5 levels of light intensity
  • Gentle, no nicks, painless
  • Suitable for the armpits,legs,bikini area,face,leg body,chin,chest,back
  • Safe and effective for all types of skin
  • 100-240v Voltage ,50/60Hz



Q: Can you use a hair removal device for black skin?

A: No. Because the laser will destroy melanin.
Q: Will it hurt when used?
A: There may be a slight pain to prove that the roots of the hair have been successfully destroyed.
Q: How long does it work?
A: Because hair growth also has a cycle, it takes 3-5 times which is about 6 weeks to achieve permanent hair removal.
  • Shorter and softer hairs achieve better results.
  • If the skin is red and swollen after use, it can be iced.
  • Do not look directly at the laser when using the product.
  • In order to achieve better results, do not touch hot water within half a day after hair removal.
  • After using the product, the skin may have red dots. It is normal. It will disappear in about 10 days.

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